Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hi all,

I'm sorry I've neglected my poor blog so much.  But, I've finally drawn the winners.  I also want to thank everyone again who played any part of helping little Lene through the Angel Tree this year.  We did an amazing job!!  So, here are the winners (I'll be in contact with you soon to get your prizes to you):

1.  Starling Portraits - Stephen Crim
2. Kindle - Julie Melvin
3. Scarf - Michael Darnell
4. Blue Minky Monkey - Thanh Crim
5. Pink Minky Monkey - Lei Shi
6. Tulle Christmas Wreath - Sarah
7. Custom Tutu w/ Matching Bow - Pam Thompson
8. Another Custom Tutu w/ Matching Bow - Michelle Buhler
9. Set of Simple Bows - Amanda Lewis
10. Christmas Wreath (Any Color) - Amy Fox Phillis
11. Large Zebra Hot Pink Bow - Ernestine McKenzie
12. Flower Bows - Mary Caputo
13. Large Leopard Hot Pink Bow - Kim Prine

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