Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reece's Rainbow and Christmas Angel Tree

Hello everyone,

I am so glad and thankful that you took the time to check out my blog and to support my efforts to help this little girl known as Lene.  Many of you have probably heard of Reece's Rainbow before as I have been a Christmas Warrior a couple years before for a little boy who was called Nikita.  And, just as an update for those who were wondering, Nikita did finally find a family to love him, his biological one.  His family came back to reclaim him and take him home.  That is wonderful, I hope they all have the support they need and hopefully it will lead others in his country to find out how special these kids really are.  All the money that was raised towards Nikita's adoption fund was deposited to another little boy's fund in the same region, with the same name, . 
For those who are hearing of Reece's Rainbow for the first time, they are a non profit organization who helps to advocate for and to raise adoption grants for disabled orphans around the world.  They help people get over the financial barrier who want to adopt these children.  The founder of Reece's Rainbow, Andrea has a son who was born with down syndrome.  Reece's Rainbow was born from the desire to help other children like her own son, and when she discovered these children were being discarded and shut away around the world she had to do something about it.  The Christmas Angel Tree is Reece's Rainbow's biggest fundraiser of the year.  Each child listed on the tree is assigned one Warrior whose goal is to raise at least $1000 toward that child's grant, and ultimately to find him or her a family to grow up in.  To do this, I hope you will help me spread the word far and wide about Lene.  She is 2, has down syndrome, and is waiting in a country in Latin America.  You can contact Andrea for more info about her, or ask me and I'll pass your questions along.  I will be giving away some things here on my blog and also am holding a Tastefully Simple Online Party, 20% of the sales will be donated to Lene's Christmas Tree Goal.  Please check out the Tastefully Simple Site, they have some yummy, simple food, you can buy for yourself, or they would make great Christmas Gifts.  The Christmas Angel Tree runs from Nov 1st until Dec 31st.  So, it's going to be a crazy couple months trying to reach my goal.  But, hey, what's $1000, why don't we shoot for $5000, I can dream right! 


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  1. Lene has been on my heart for months, our family has prayed for her daily. I am so excited to see others advocating for her!!